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With the latest knowledge in the industry, get your project developed with confidence. Our team will provide you with constant progress updates and the ability to check on the project as it grows into the final product.

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Web Design Services

When it comes down to creating a website there are a few different paths to follow. WordPress or similar CMS sites allow for quick development with clear and quick functionality whilst allowing easy maintenance for the client and for developers. CMS sites are good for reasonably simple sites where the main focus is to relay information across and draw in potential business. For sites with greater functionality requirements a fully custom coded website might be more relevant. These sites are coded from scratch. This allows greater functionality and limitless possibilities for the final product. Our team will be able to advise which type of site is best for you and will lead you to the best value and highest quality of site possible.

  • Specification

    A comprehensive list of features and elements to be present on your site. This is where we would decide whether a CMS or custom code would be more effective.

  • Draw Design

    Next we will draw up rough designs for the site. This gives an understanding into what the sites structure and format will be like.

  • Development

    Turning the drawings into reality. Once completed we will provide a first draft for feedback. This is where you can make any changes to make the site fit your dream even more.

  • Finishing Touches

    We then go back and forth implementing your changes (if any!) and reach a final version of the site.

  • Release

    Once the site is complete and you are happy. The site gets released to the world!

All our sites come with 1 year free hosting with maintenance. After that, you can stay with us or we will happily help migrate you to another host free of charge.

24/7 Support for all sites.

Price varies depending on the project size and type.

Got any questions? Get in touch!

Other Services

It does not stop at web design. We also offer bespoke software and app development. This can come in any shape or size.

For more information on the possibilities get in touch on the contact us page.

Some examples of software solutions we offer:

  • Booking Systems (mobile and PC)
  • EPOS systems (Electronic Point Of Sale System)
  • Client Progress systems (i.e weight trackers for the gym)
  • Informative Apps (See our own version here: thisisfiley.co.uk)