Atkinson Bowes Design - Web Design in the Scarborough Area
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About Us

We are a small but mighty team, Who focus on giving all companies a chance of reaching even more customers through the marvel of the internet and we provide easy to use, cheap web design in Scarborough!

Programming Languages:

– Javascript
– C#
– Python
– Java
– Swift

Our Services

– Web Design
– App Development
– Software Development
– Bespoke Systems

Our Team

Here’s a little bit about us

George Atkinson

Hey There. I’m George

I am a partner at Atkinson Bowes Design, I also lead most of the website design and developments. Along with coding I have a keen eye for design, so I focus a lot on the visuals of your sites.

I am Currently Studying for a BSC (Hons) in Computer Science For Software Engineering At The University Of Hull. I prefer late nights and a high caffeine intake.

Cameron Bowes

Hi, I’m Cameron!

I am a partner at Atkinson Bowes Design, I also lead most of the ‘This Is’ projects and if you contact us, it’s probably gonna be me that you’re talking to.

I am currently studying for a MSc (Hons) in Software Engineering at Nottingham Trent University and I also work for Deep Sea Electronics as a Junior Software Engineer

Our Portfolio

Contact Us

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